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 Mr. Alexander Croft Shaw who was a Canadian missionary, found Karuizawa around in 1885. Karuizawa is famous as a summer resort which attracts many people from not only Japan but countries around the world.

There are many spiritual legends in Karuizawa where is located an elevation of 1000m.
Believe or not, a man who had a serious illness visited to Karuizawa. Just after 2 weeks he stayed, he had been healed perfectly.
By coincidence many expectant mothers began appearing in Karuizawa taking a walk here and there after hearing and knowing this legend.

800million visitors

 There are approximately 2 million resort villas in Karuizawa. This number is twice of the number of households that exists in Karuizawa.
And furthermore, 800million people are visiting Karuizawa every year from countries all over the world.

Would you like to know the reason why Karuizawa is so attractive?

Karuizawa has been cultured with many history and legends

 Karuizawa has been cultured with many history and legends.
You will feel the still of the nature and a gentle atmosphere which is something only the plateau has.
The forerunners have been maintaining and protecting the beautiful look of the streets lined with houses.
At night, a bunch of stars can be seen in the twilight with the beautiful moon as a Maestro starts to play fantastic music.
Overflowing many types of scenery, senses, and thoughts once we close our eyes while picturing Karuizawa.

We cannot help but wonder, could many visitors coming to Karuizawa have experienced those feelings before they return home?
There are absolute intangible assesses here, and you will experience unusual events with special atmosphere while your stay in Karuizawa.

Karuizawa is precious and irreplaceable place which we truly would like many people to know.
In addition, we would like to offer our great services to you and hope you enjoy your visit to Karuizawa and make your visit a memorable one not to be forgotten.

Origin of the name for CHURCH STREET KARUIZAWA is the street toward to one of the famous churches in Karuizawa called Karuizawa St. Paul’s Catholic Church.
The street leads you from lively Karuizwa Ginza Street to the Holy Karuizawa St. Paul’s church through CHURCH STREET KARUIZAWA.

Our mission is to vitalize here a better place, “Qcalization