This is the only place you can see a great view of ASAMA Mountain from our Yamakaze terrace in Karuizawa Ginza shopping street.
If you go inside of our mall, there is also another pretty place where you can enjoy a great meal while you are viewing the beautiful nature and Karuizawa St. Paul’s Catholic Church. Our service which we offer includes excellent servings of various local cuisines while you enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and fresh air breeze, Yamakaze, in high elevation from Asama Mt.


 In 1935, Karuizawa St. Paul’s Catholic Church has been established by a British priest. The designer was Antonin Raymond who was nominated for Medal of Honor by New York chapter of American Institute of Architects. He also worked for Frank Lloyd Wright on the Imperial Hotel before leaving to set up his own practice in Tokyo.
There are approximately 40 churches in Karuizawa today. Karuizawa St. Paul’s Church was not built commercially, it is only for prayers.
It appeared in the novel “Ki no Jujika” by Tatsuo Hori, also many celebrities had their weddings in this church.
Therefore our Church Street Karuizawa is named as “a way to happiness” = “a way to go thorough to Karuizawa St. Paul’s Catholic Church”.